Collections and activities in Japan

After joining Gutai in 1955, Sumi becomes a member of Art Club, the group represented by Taro OKAMOTO. Both the groups have broken up later. He participated in all the Gutai exhibitions from the first to the 21st one. At the present as an AU member, he continues to show his own works at every exhibition of AU (exhibitions at Kyoto Museum, International Modern Art AU Exhibitions). Furthermore he has been invited to many exhibitions organized by public museums such as Tokyo City Modern Art Museum, Kyoto City Modern Art Museum, Hyogo Prefecture Museum, Osaka City Modern Art Museum, Ashiya City Museum, Chiba City Art Museum, Miyagi Prefecture Art Museum, Fukuoka City Art Museum, Kitakyushu City Art Museum, Itami City Art Museum, Shibuya Art Museum... Sumi held many exhibitions even in several galleries of Tokyo, Osaka and Itami.


Sumi has been invited to the 45th Venice Biennale (Path to the East) for two weeks. The Japan Foundation was the promoter of the project. Sumi held many exhibitions abroad, such as Galerie National du Jeu de Paume in Paris; New Yorkfs Martha Jackson Gallery, New York Cultural Exchange Center (personal exhibition) in US; Auckland Museum in Australia; Rome Contemporary Art Museum, Torino Figurative Gallery , Torino International Aesthetic Studio, Milan Art Center etc. in Italy; Fondazione Morra in Napoli, Rauma Art Museum, Helsinki Art Academy etc. in Finland; Rotterdam Design House etc. in Netherlands; Off Center in Canada; and finally in England, and in China... He has been invited even to many museums, studios and galleries. Plenty of his works have become property of public and national museums.

Morra Foundation, 2006

Most relevant museums

Art Museum of Hyogo Prefecture (Yamamura Collection), Art Museum of Miyagi Prefecture, North Kyushu Art Museum, Ashiya Museum, Osaka Contemporary Art Museum, Tanabe Art Museum (Wakayama Prefecture), Itami Museum, Urawa Museum, Miyazaki Museum, Nakamoto Seishi Art Museum (Sendai), Osaka University, Itami Town Hall, Culture Institute of Itami, Itami Hospital, Itami City Hotel, New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Torino, Calgary, Vienna, Helsinki, Toulouse, etc

Beijing, 2006